Determining the Merchant Account ID in Keap and Infusionsoft.

1. First, find your App ID

Log-in to Infusionsoft or Keap through this URL:
If you have multiple apps, proceed to the app you want to use. Once logged, in you will see the app name in the URL

For Infusionsoft apps, the app name is the string before “” in the URL. For example if the URL is, the app name is eb119.

For Keap apps, the app name is the string after “”. For example if the URL is, the app name is eb119.

2. Navigate to the Advanced Order Settings

In the URL provided below, replace the “[your_app_id]” string with the app id you obtained from Step 1.


And navigate to this URL in your browser.

Please note that for Infusionsoft apps, you can also access this in Ecommerce > Settings > Order Settings > Order.
For Keap apps, this page is hidden and you can only access this page through the direct link provided above.

3. Get the Merchant ID

You can then find the Merchant Account ID under “Default Merchant Acct for Manual Orders” dropdown. In the screenshot below, for this app, the Merchant Account ID is 7.

Markup 2021-03-30 at 12.34.54.png

If you want to use a merchant account other than the default one, simply open the dropdown to check the Merchant Account ID of other merchant accounts. You can then use this in your Infusionsoft Payment Gateway Settings in InfusedWoo.