InfusedWoo’s Automatic Setting of Infusionsoft Leadsource Field

InfusedWoo automatically sets the leadsource of the contact in Infusionsoft if one of the following URL variables is passed:


Otherwise, it will pull the leadsource information from the referer’s URL (HTTP_REFERER)

To disable InfusedWoo’s automatic setting of Infusionsoft Leadsource field, please add the code below to your theme’s functions.php file or by adding a file in your wordpress’s mu-plugins folder.

CODING SKILLS REQUIRED: Please note that this guide requires that you have coding skills, otherwise you may contact a developer to follow this guide.

add_filter( 'iw_set_leadsource', 'disable_infusedwoo_leadsource' );

function disable_infusedwoo_leadsource($set_leadsource) {
	return '';