Setting up Multi-currency with Infusionsoft + Woocommerce

Infusionsoft doesn’t have multi-currency features but still many business owners want to have a multicurrency-ready shopping cart and be able to run marketing automation in Infusionsoft.

To set this up, the following platform / tools will be needed:

Please note that InfusedWoo and Aelia Currency Switcher plugins are premium plugins and you need to purchase these plugins first to download.

First, make sure that the plugins are installed in wordpress and are configured properly:

In addition to the basic setup above, there are two important settings you need to set in InfusedWoo.

Since Infusionsoft only supports one currency, Infusionsoft’s Ecommerce Module is not compatible with Woocommerce Multicurrency Feature. Therefore, we have to turn off all settings in InfusedWoo that connects to Infusionsoft’s Ecommerce Module and only use Infusionsoft’s Marketing Automation Capabilities.

  1. Turn off creation of invoices in Infusionsoft for other payment gateways in InfusedWoo –> Receiving Payments –> Other Payment Gateways
  2. Turn off Infusionsoft Payment Gateway in Woocommerce –> Settings –> Checkout. You have to use other payment gateways to handle payments as Infusionsoft is not compatible with multicurrency. Payment Gateways compatible with multi-currency are Paypal, Stripe, SagePay and Braintree. See compatible gateways here.

Once you have done the important settings above, you can now do necessary automation in InfusedWoo:

  • Via Automation Recipes: InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Automation Recipes
  • Via Campaign Builder: InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Using Campaign Builder
  • Via Action Sets: InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Using Action Sets

Basically, we are setting up Infusionsoft to use only its Marketing Automation Capabilities and Woocommerce for Ecommerce, thus using both system’s best modules.