Triggering Actions in InfusedWoo when a Product Variation is purchased

There are two ways on how you can trigger actions based on the product variation purchased in woocommerce.
If you have alphanumeric SKUs in your product variations, use the first method. Otherwise, use the second method.

If you have SKUs in your product variations, you can add an API goal in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder with the following settings.

Integration: woopurchase

Call Name: {SKU of the Variation}

You can then connect this API goal to a sequence containing the actions you want to automate. For more information on setting up API goals, click here

Go to InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Automation Recipes

Create a new recipe and set the trigger to “Purchase Trigger”.
Then add a new condition saying “When Order contains certain products” and set the second dropdown to “specific product / variation”.

Enter the name of the product and the variations will appear. Select the desired product variation(s).

And you can then add actions as desired.
Save the recipe.

InfusedWoo Automation Recipe