Cart Abandonment Campaign for Infusionsoft – why you need this for your business.

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Did you know that according to research from Baymard Institute, an average of 68.06% of your site visitor abandon their shopping cart? As a business owner, it is important to implement necessary efforts to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

One way of reducing this is providing a smooth checkout to your customers – making simple and clean checkout forms and giving clear instructions to the customers during the checkout process.

This is also why we have made efforts to make the payment gateway bundled with InfusedWoo to improve checkout experience by

  1. Remembering customer’s credit cards so that customers don’t need to re-enter their credit card info and
  2. Using modern UI for the payment fields

But there’s several more reason why customers leave their shopping cart, it might be because your customer was just got distracted by something like phone call or got annoyed having to fill out all billing and shipping address fields. Whatever the reason is — the moment they step out from the checkout page, they’re already gone and there’s no guarantee they will come back again.

Remember that they have an interest on your products and services you are selling and that is why they have taken time to add items to their cart and went through the checkout process. So it’s a good idea to ask or remind them to go back to their cart and help them complete the checkout process.

And if you’re dealing with lots of customers, it is not easy to identify the customers who have abandoned their shopping cart and it is also difficult to send reminder emails to each of these customers. So there has to be a way to automate this to simplify everything.

That is why we have implemented this in InfusedWoo 2.0. With InfusedWoo 2.0, you get access to a campaign blueprint for Cart Abandonment. Here is a screenshot of the campaign blueprint:


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4 thoughts on “Cart Abandonment Campaign for Infusionsoft – why you need this for your business.”

  1. Where do I get your version (as shown inside the plug-in) of this Cart Abandonment campaign? Yours looks much nicer and more thoughtful than the standard IFS one.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no template in Infusionsoft Campaign marketplace to download this. This is because Infusionsoft campaign marketplace currently doesn’t allow app developers to upload templates. For now there is a guide you can follow inside the plugin to create the campaign in infusionsoft (it is easy to build).

  3. DeCoreus Leavell

    With the most recent update to IFS’ Campaigns they no longer have traffic sources to a part of their campaigns. Will the campaign still work with the API Call triggering the campaign?

    1. @Decoreus – Please update your InfusedWoo plugin version to 2.6. The procedure has been changed to use Infusionsoft’s new interface.

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