How do I connect Woocommerce to Infusionsoft?

Here are the steps on how to connect Woocommerce to Infusionsoft or Keap:

  1. Download the InfusedWoo Plugin.
  2. You should have a zip file ready for installing InfusedWoo plugin. Log-in to your WordPress site as admin and go to Plugins > Add New…
  3. Click “Upload Plugin”
  4. Click “Choose File” button
  5. Select the InfusedWoo Zip file you have downloaded from #1.
  6. Click “Install Now”. Then activate the plugin.
  7. Once installed, go to InfusedWoo > Getting Started > Guided Setup
  8. Get your API Key in Infusionsoft / Keap, found in Admin > Settings > Application. Your app name is the subdomain of your infusionsoft / keap application e.g. {appname}
  9. Enter your App name and API key to InfusedWoo and click “Next”
  10. At this point, Woocommerce is now connected to your Infusionsoft / Keap Application. Follow the succeeding instructions in InfusedWoo to configure InfusedWoo based on your business needs.

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