Tracking User’s Site Activity From an Infusionsoft Automation Link

With InfusedWoo, you can track what your customer do in your E-commerce site without requiring them to log in to their user account. You only need to implement an automation link in your Infusionsoft email templates. For more information on how to create an automation link, click here.

Using Infusionsoft automation links, you only need to make sure that the email address is passed in the URL like this:

Once the automation link is clicked by one of your customers. The email is saved in your server’s session and this gives the capability of InfusedWoo to later track certain customer’s site activity. With InfusedWoo’s Automation Recipe, can track if:

  1. They have viewed a certain page or product.
  2. They added a certain product to their cart
  3. They are about to check out
  4. They have purchased the product

You can then run actions based on what they do. For example, if they added a certain product to their cart, you can send them an email convincing them to buy the product e.g. by giving discounts or giving more information about the product. (See below)


You can also run a cart abandonment campaign that will trigger if they reached the checkout page but didn’t complete the purchase.

You also have an option to not run any action at all and just track stats. Note that InfusedWoo can record how many times the recipe is triggered and can put this in a graph like this:

E-commerce giants like Amazon run profitable marketing campaigns mainly because they effectively track their customer activities and run targeted emails to customers based on their activities. With InfusedWoo (and Woocommerce + Infusionsoft) you have the capability to do this without hiring a developer. If your a marketer or business owner, you can focus into your marketing strategies and convert them into campaigns deeply connected to your E-commerce site.

For more information about InfusedWoo:

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