60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for New Licenses

For new licenses, customers are eligible for order refund provided that points below are satisfied:

  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee applies only to brand new licenses of our products (Rocket One-Click, InfusedWoo). 60-day satisfaction guarantee doesn’t apply to License Renewals, Custom Coded Plugins, Consultation and Development Services. For other products and services, 48-hour return policy may apply (please check below). For development services, see further information below. For License Renewals and Code Warranties, please see below the 7-day cancellation policies for code warranty and license renewals.
  • If the license is ordered using a promotional coupon code, the 60-day satisfaction guarantee may not apply in this case. See the coupon type below if the 60-day guarantee policy applies:
    • Facebook promotion, InfusedAddons Sales Team coupon code, InfusedAddons Development Services Client Code: 60-day guarantee policy applies
    • ICP Coupon Codes, Development Partnership Codes, Agency Partnership Codes, Other Partnership Codes: 60-day guarantee policy doesn’t apply. Refundable only when purchased by mistake: see 48-Hour Purchased-by-Mistake Return Policy below
  • If a feature of the plugin is not working as expected and/or a bug is found, the customer must open first a technical support ticket and the development team will begin the debugging process. If our developers are not able to fix the said bugs or issues within 72 business hours from the time the bug has been confirmed, the customer can request a license cancellation and is eligible for a refund if the request is made not more than 60 days from purchase. If the related technical support ticket was opened less than 72 hours before the end of 60-day window of the refund policy, the refund window will be extended to five (5) more business days to give time to our developers to provide a status update on the issue. Important Notes:
    • The behavior and the functionalities of the features are based on what is written on our sales pages and product pages. If the customer contacted sales support before purchase and if the support agent provided an information of the features of the plugin, then InfusedAddons will also use this basis of the behavior or functionalities of the features.
    • If the feature in question is not written in our sales / product pages or as described by our support agents, InfusedAddons will consider this as feature suggestion instead of technical issue, and therefore cannot be used as a basis for an order return and can only be considered as purchased-by-mistake. For purchases made by mistake, see 48-hour return policy below.
    • If the product in question is not compatible with other 3rd party apps or software and if the issue or bug is coming from our product(s), it is understandable that InfusedAddons shall provided the related fixes. If the error issue or bug is coming from the 3rd party app, then InfusedAddons is only accountable for fixes if InfusedAddons mentioned compatibility with the specific 3rd party app through sales / product pages or by previous communication with our support team.
  • If the customer is not using anymore the platform where the product is dependent to (e.g. Infusionsoft, Woocommerce, or WordPress), then the customer is also eligible for license cancellation and refund if the request is made within 60 days from purchase.

48-Hour Purchased-by-Mistake Return Policy

Customers may request for order refund within 48 hours from purchase. This applies to all products and services except License Renewals, Upgrades and Code Warranty. For License Renewals, Upgrades and Code Warranty, see 7-day return policy below.

7-Day Return Policy for License Renewals, License Upgrades and Code Warranties

For customers who purchased for Renewal of a Product License, License Upgrade and/or Code Warranty, they may request a refund within 7 days from purchase provided that:

  • The customer has not yet downloaded (or made an update with) the latest version of the product (plugin / code)
  • The customer does not have a technical support ticket that has been resolved after renewing the license or code warranty.

Refund Policy for Development Services

40% upfront is refundable in these cases:

a. The client requests project cancellation within 24 hours from time of payment.
b. InfusedAddons is not able to complete the project (up to testing phase) within 48 hours after the estimated delivery time. Please note that time spent on follow-ups and getting logins is not counted.

60% is not refundable in all cases as it is understandable that once 60% payment is made, the code ownership has been transferred to the client. If there are issues with the code not running, etc. This is handled by the free 3-months code warranty.