Creating Multiple Contact Records in Infusionsoft upon Customer Purchase

There are instances where you need to create multiple contact records when someone purchases your product. This typically happens when a customer is purchasing an item for someone else. Example is when a customer is purchasing an item to another person as a gift. Another is when there is a product made to be purchased for a group of people and you need to record each person entered by the buyer. In addition to creating multiple contact record, you can also run actions to each of these contacts using InfusedWoo. See the steps below on how to achieve this. 1. Create Custom Contact Fields Go to InfusedWoo > More Integration Options > Checkout Custom Fields, and Add a new group.  Name the Group Name as desired and you can also control the field group… Read More »Creating Multiple Contact Records in Infusionsoft upon Customer Purchase

Applying Tag or Running Actions when an Order is Refunded in Woocommerce

You can run actions (e.g. apply a tag) when an order is refunded in Woocommerce. To do this, create an automation recipe by going to InfusedWoo > Automation > Automation Recipes. Then create a new Automation Recipe:  Set the trigger to "Order Status" Change Trigger (under "More Triggers…".  Add condition "If order's new status is …" and set status to "Refunded"  Under actions, add desired actions you want to run. E.g. you can apply a tag as shown below:  Enter a name of your recipe and save the recipe. Here is the full screenshot of the recipe: 

Integrate Woocommerce Checkout Fields to Infusionsoft

There are instances that you want to gather specific information from your customers when they are purchasing your products and want to store this information to your database. Here are some examples: If selling shippable items, you may want to know if there are some special shipping instructions from your customers. If selling event tickets, you need to know what specific date and time they want to join a certain event. Or you just need to know some personal info for marketing purposes, like birthdate or gender. To do this, you would need to find a way to display these custom fields in the checkout page – just right before they are about to click the pay button. And we need to do some coding to save this information to the database, or to your… Read More »Integrate Woocommerce Checkout Fields to Infusionsoft

Just Released: InfusedWoo 2.0

Infusionsoft and Woocommerce are two powerful platforms for your online business. Infusionsoft provides excellent marketing automation tools – like customer management, emailing / autesponders and marketing campaign builder. On the other hand Woocommerce is a very smooth, elegant and flexible online shopping platform. And currently woocommerce is used by millions of websites around the globe.   Many entrepreneurs hoped that there would be a way to seamlessly connect these two systems and harness excellent marketing campaigns with beautiful, smooth shopping cart. And this is why a year ago, we created InfusedWoo so that business owners can “connect” these two powerful platforms. We never stop improving InfusedWoo as we just released the more improved 2.0 version.   Here’s what we have released in the 2.0 Version:   1. Better InfusedWoo admin interface   2. New Setup… Read More »Just Released: InfusedWoo 2.0