Tracking User’s Site Activity From an Infusionsoft Automation Link

With InfusedWoo, you can track what your customer do in your E-commerce site without requiring them to log in to their user account. You only need to implement an automation link in your Infusionsoft email templates. For more information on how to create an automation link, click here.

Using Infusionsoft automation links, you only need to make sure that the email address is passed in the URL like this:

Once the automation link is clicked by one of your customers. The email is saved in your server’s session and this gives the capability of InfusedWoo to later track certain customer’s site activity. With InfusedWoo’s Automation Recipe, can track if:

  1. They have viewed a certain page or product.
  2. They added a certain product to their cart
  3. They are about to check out
  4. They have purchased the product

You can then run actions based on what they do. For example, if they added a certain product to their cart, you can send them an email convincing them to buy the product e.g. by giving discounts or giving more information about the product. (See below)


You can also run a cart abandonment campaign that will trigger if they reached the checkout page but didn’t complete the purchase.

You also have an option to not run any action at all and just track stats. Note that InfusedWoo can record how many times the recipe is triggered and can put this in a graph like this:

E-commerce giants like Amazon run profitable marketing campaigns mainly because they effectively track their customer activities and run targeted emails to customers based on their activities. With InfusedWoo (and Woocommerce + Infusionsoft) you have the capability to do this without hiring a developer. If your a marketer or business owner, you can focus into your marketing strategies and convert them into campaigns deeply connected to your E-commerce site.

For more information about InfusedWoo:

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Adding a Newsletter Signup checkbox in your Woocommerce Checkout

One of the best ways to capture customers who wants to receive your product newsletters and marketing emails is to put a checkbox on your site checkout to ask them if they want to receive marketing emails.

Note that people who purchased product in your shopping site doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fine to send marketing emails to these customers. In fact, email marketing companies like Infusionsoft strictly prohibits sending marketing emails to people who made purchases if they didn’t sign-up to receive your newsletters.

While Infusionsoft strictly doesn’t allow this, you don’t see a way to put newsletter signup checkbox to their native shopping cart module. Still it is important to do this to comply with different countries’ E-commerce standards and also to send marketing emails to people who are genuinely interested to your newsletter and emails.

So let’s do it right! If you are using Woocommerce and InfusedWoo, the good news is you can easily do this without touching any codes. Here’s how you can do it in 6 steps.

1. Create a custom contact field in Infusionsoft for Newsletter Signup Checkbox

Log-in to your Infusionsoft App and go to Admin > Settings. Under Custom fields, make sure the dropdown is set to ‘Contact’ and click ‘Go’ button.

Then create a new custom field. Set the field name to a desired name. In my case, I simply entered ‘Subscribe to Newsletter’. Set the field to a Yes/No field (this is very important). Then save the field.


2. Create a Campaign for the Newsletter Sign-Up

Go to Marketing > Campaign Builder and create a new campaign. Name the campaign to a desired name, in my case I used ‘Sign-up to Newsletter Campaign’.

Then add an API goal and set this to InfusedWoo’s standard purchase API goal setting: Integration: woopurchase, Call Name: any

Then create two campaigns, one campaign for applying the Newsletter Tag. The Newsletter Tag will allow you to identify contacts in Infusionsoft who are interested in getting the newsletter. If you haven’t created a tag yet, create a tag in Infusionsoft > CRM > Settings > Tag.

The other campaign is a blank campaign and will not do anything. This is only to “catch” people who do not want to receive the newsletters.

Connect the API goal to these two sequences and a decision diamond will appear:


Double click the decision diamond to edit its logic. Set the rule on the top to only allow if Contact’s Newsletter Sign Up custom field is equal to Yes. And the rule on the bottom to Contact’s Newsletter Sign Up custom field is not equal to Yes. It should look like this:

Additionally, if you want to send a welcome email sequence, you can add a sequence below and use a tag trigger (where the tag is the Newsletter Sign Up tag you created before). And your whole campaign will look like this:

Publish the campaign.

3. Add a custom checkout field in InfusedWoo

Log-in to WordPress and go to InfusedWoo > More Integration Options > Checkout Custom Fields.
Create a field group if you haven’t created one yet. Then under that field group, click the + icon to create a new custom field.

Then enter a custom field name (this will appear next to the checkbox). Then set the field type to Yes/No (Checkbox). And under Infusionsoft Field, select the Newsletter Custom Field you have created in Step 1.

Save and the field will appear in the checkout page.

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BLACK FRIDAY RECIPE: Set up a Timer and Site-wide Sale to your Site

graphicloads-100-flat-download-2-1Download Black Friday Recipe
3 KB. InfusedWoo Recipe File

Black Friday is coming and it’s time to give massive discounts to your customer. Download the automation recipe by clicking the download button above and instantly set up a sitewide discount and also add timer in your site. Follow the steps below to properly install this recipe in just a few minutes.

  1. Download the Black Friday Automation Recipe
  2. Go to InfusedWoo Menu in you WordPress admin and click on Automation –> Automation Recipes
  3. Click on Upload a Config File. This link is just below the “Create a New Recipe” Button
  4. Select the downloaded recipe file.
  5. Click on “Save Recipe” and your Black Friday discount campaign is now active.

Once the recipe is enabled, it will do two things:

  • It will give 25% off discount to all products. If you want to change the discount rate, you can change this in the first action item.
  • It will show up notice with a timer in your site saying there is a site-wide sale going on. You can change the text of the notice in the second action item.
  • You can see how the sitewide notice looks like in the demo site:

* Enable only the recipe if you have already started your discount campaign. If you want the campaign to automatically start on a specified date, add this condition in the recipe:

* Make sure you are using the latest version of InfusedWoo and that PHP GD Extension is enabled (for Timer GIF).

For any questions, please contact us at

Bridge Infusionsoft to More Competitive Payment Gateways – Stripe, Braintree, Amazon Payments …


By default Infusionsoft only connects to few merchant solutions like Sagepay,, or WePay. Because of this, many business owners have some trouble finding a good payment gateway during the early stages of their business. This is especially true for startup business owners and to businesses located not in US or UK. Most merchant accounts Infusionsoft connects to are designed for big businesses and only supports major countries like US or UK.

With Woocommerce, you have more options and you can use payment gateways designed for startups such as Stripe, Braintree or Amazon Payments. If you are located in India you can use Amazon payments in woocommerce and connect to infusionsoft using InfusedWoo. Same is true to South Africa (Payfast), Japan (Stripe), Brazil (Stripe), Hong Kong (Stripe), Singapore (Stripe), and as well as Malaysia (Braintree).

Most of these payment gateways don’t require sign-up and setup fees and you only pay a small percentage per transaction. These payment gateway extensions in woocommerce are also free (except eWay):

Amazon Payments:

With InfusedWoo you can now experience Infusionsoft whereever your business is located and enjoy the low transaction fees of payment gateway providers.

Sending a personalized coupon code to the customer on successful purchase

One of the best ways to increase repeat purchases is to give incentives when they purchase your product. According to a survey, customers are almost twice more likely to purchase again a product from your shop if they are given a discount coupon.

Usually static coupons are used (e.g. Coupons that doesn’t expire and has infinite number of usages) but this is not advised as coupons can be easily passed publicly to other users and can be used by users who are not eligible to use the coupon code.

In this guide, you learn know how to auto-generate a personalized coupon code for the customer right after they have purchased in your shop and limit the usage of the coupon for that specific user.

1. Create a Coupon Template in Woocommerce

In WordPress, go to Woocommerce –> Coupons and create a new coupon by clicking on “Add Coupon”

To create a new template, the coupon code name should begin with “template_”. Configure the coupon code like creating an standard woocommerce coupon code. If you only want to limit the usage of the coupon code, specify this in the usage limit section. E.g. if you only want to limit the usage of this coupon to 1, then enter this under “Usage limit per coupon”. Leave “Usage limit per user” empty if you don’t want customers to share the coupon code to other users.

Also leave the “Email restrictions” box empty in Usage Restrictions tab as this will be overidden by InfusedWoo.

2. Create a Tag and Email template, Assign Custom Field in Infusionsoft

There are few things that needs to be done in Infusionsoft. First we have to create a tag so we can identify customers who have already received the coupon, second is to create or assign a custom field to hold the coupon code value in Infusionsoft. And lastly, to create an email template to send to the customer so they will get their personalized coupon code.

To create a tag in Infusionsoft, follow this guide.

To create a custom field in Infusionsoft, follow this guide. Make sure the custom field is of text field type.

To create an email template in Infusionsoft, follow this guide.

Please note to get the merge field of the coupon code custom field you just created, you can obtain this in the email template toolbox –> Insert –> Merge Fields –> Contact Fields (Custom)

3. Create an automation recipe in InfusedWoo

Go to Automation -> Automation Recipes in InfusedWoo. Create a new recipe or download this Recipe file (Alt + Click in Win or Option + Click in Mac to download) for easier creation.

Click on Upload Config file to create recipe from config file. Then select the downloaded .conf file.

4. Configure Recipe and Save

Make sure the Purchase Trigger is set as the trigger.

In the conditions, change the tag with the tag you created in step 2. You can freely add more conditions here as desired.

Then in the actions, the sequence is:
1. Generate a Coupon Code
2. Apply Tag to Contact
3. Save Generated Coupon code to Custom field in Infusionsoft
4. Send Email containing the Coupon code.

To configure the actions, first select the correct template in the coupon code generation action with the one you created. You can set the expiration day to 60 days from the date of creation (using InfusedWoo merge field). If you want to change the expiration to 30 days, then change ’60’ to ’30’. You can also make this field empty if you don’t want the coupon to expire.

Replace the tag in the tag action with the actual tag you have created in Step 2. Likewise, change the custom field and the email template with the ones you have created in Step 2.

Save the recipe.

Setting up Multi-currency with Infusionsoft + Woocommerce

Infusionsoft doesn’t have multi-currency features but still many business owners want to have a multicurrency-ready shopping cart and be able to run marketing automation in Infusionsoft.

To set this up, the following platform / tools will be needed:

Please note that InfusedWoo and Aelia Currency Switcher plugins are premium plugins and you need to purchase these plugins first to download.

Initial Setup

First, make sure that the plugins are installed in wordpress and are configured properly:

Important InfusedWoo Settings

In addition to the basic setup above, there are two important settings you need to set in InfusedWoo.

Since Infusionsoft only supports one currency, Infusionsoft’s Ecommerce Module is not compatible with Woocommerce Multicurrency Feature. Therefore, we have to turn off all settings in InfusedWoo that connects to Infusionsoft’s Ecommerce Module and only use Infusionsoft’s Marketing Automation Capabilities.

  1. Turn off creation of invoices in Infusionsoft for other payment gateways in InfusedWoo –> Receiving Payments –> Other Payment Gateways
  2. Turn off Infusionsoft Payment Gateway in Woocommerce –> Settings –> Checkout. You have to use other payment gateways to handle payments as Infusionsoft is not compatible with multicurrency. Payment Gateways compatible with multi-currency are Paypal, Stripe, SagePay and Braintree. See compatible gateways here.

Setup Automation in InfusedWoo / Infusionsoft

Once you have done the important settings above, you can now do necessary automation in InfusedWoo:

  • Via Automation Recipes: InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Automation Recipes
  • Via Campaign Builder: InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Using Campaign Builder
  • Via Action Sets: InfusedWoo –> Automation –> Using Action Sets

Basically, we are setting up Infusionsoft to use only its Marketing Automation Capabilities and Woocommerce for Ecommerce, thus using both system’s best modules.

Controlling Thank You Page in Woocommerce using InfusedWoo

In InfusedWoo version 2.1, we have released Thank You page control feature. With this feature, you can now change the redirect URL after your customers finish their checkout.

To give a little background, woocommerce by default sends customers to an “order-received” page, which shows the order information and is a quite flat / dry page for your customers to be redirected to after they finish their checkout.

For Infusionsoft-powered businesses, controlling thank you pages is very important. For example, we want to personalize the thank you page based on the products they purchased. Or perhaps, we want to send them to a special offer page after their purchase or give them a special coupon code. Or for some techies out there, we want to send them to different service after purchase and pass contact information in the URL to trigger some fulfilment processes for example.

Woocommerce doesn’t provide this functionality, so we created this feature. In InfusedWoo, this can be accessed in More Integration Options → Thank You page control.


The process is simple, simply add a new thank you page override. Specify the override name and the thank you page URL and hit save and done!

You can also pass contact information to the thank you page and specify some conditions on when to redirect customers to this special URL.


For more information about InfusedWoo, go to

Is your online shop mobile ready?


Today, I had a consultation session with one of my clients using Infusionsoft and their biggest frustration is their non-mobile-ready shopping cart. They sell online content and mp3’s and around 40% to 50% of their customers visit their website using smartphone or tablet device.

Unfortunately, Infusionsoft’s available shopping cart themes are not responsive (or mobile-ready) and making their shopping cart mobile ready would require you to hire a very proficient programmer (and probably expensive) to turn their shopping cart themes to mobile-ready themes. And also Infusionsoft have a very limited themes to choose from which is not good because there’s a high chance that the themes may not suit your company branding.

And why this is very important? An article from Fast Company tells us that mobile and tablet users spends more money than desktop users. It also shows that a high percentage of your site visitors are using mobile and tablet devices. So if your shopping-cart is not mobile ready, you are losing visitors, and therefore losing money.

So in this post, I would like to share to you an easy option to turn your shopping cart into a mobile-ready cart while preserving your company branding. But first, how do we check if your shopping cart is not yet mobile-ready?


How to check if your shop is already mobile-ready or not?

To check if your site is mobile-ready, we use an online tool called mobiletest: Select a device and paste your shopping cart link to check how your shopping cart looks like in that particular device.

This is what it looks like when I tested one of Infusionsoft’s shopping cart themes (not mobile-ready):

Screenshot 2014-11-17 10.30.16

Switch now to mobile-ready shopping cart

Infusionsoft’s shopping cart has so many limitation as you can see. Themes are not mobile-friendly, there’s few themes to choose from and you don’t have much control to the shopping cart interface.

So instead of using Infusionsoft’s shopping cart, we use another shopping cart platform that will solve all the problem. And this platform is Woocommerce. With woocommerce, you have access to thousand available themes to match your branding and many of these themes are responsive.

For example, one theme called “Sellya” is a mobile-friendly theme in woocommerce below shows how it looks like when tested in iphone 5 (Products Page, Cart, Checkout).


To search for wooocommerce mobile-friendly theme. Just go to and find a theme that is “responsive”: .

Alternatively, you can also go to another site: and find theme with keyword “Responsive Woocommerce” and it will list all woocommerce themes that is mobile-friendly.

For more information about woocommerce, go to

But how do I connect Woocommerce to Infusionsoft?

Once you have setup your mobile-friendly woocommerce shop, how do we connect your shop to infusionsoft so you can still do all automation you needed?

And that’s why we created a plugin for this: InfusedWoo: Using InfusedWoo plugin, you can create beautiful woocommerce site and still integrate with infusionsoft.

Expand Infusionsoft Payment Options with Woocommerce


One of the problems Infusionsoft owners face when setting up their online shopping cart is the very limited options of the payment gateways they can provide for their customers. Infusionsoft gives you only a few merchant account options.

Moreover, the problem is not just about the limited merchant options but also:

  1. These available merchant account options may not be supported in your country, especially if you are outside US
  2. Most of the merchant account options Infusionsoft provide doesn’t support multiple currencies
  3. Opening an account on these available merchant account options takes too much time and they require detailed information about your business before they can enable your merchant account.

With woocommerce, all these problems are solved.

  1. Woocommerce provides a wide array of options when it comes to payment gateway solutions (see table below)
  2. There are available payment gateway options supported globally.
  3. Woocommerce allow you to sell your products in several different currencies.
  4. Payment gateways like stripe, google checkout, paypal, amazon payments, bitcoin payments are easy to set up.
  5. Woocommerce supports bank deposits and payments through cheque.

Then using InfusedWoo Plugin, you can connect all these payment gateways to Infusionsoft and run all necessary automation.

Here’s a table showing the available payment options you can provide in wooocommerce and infusionsoft:

Payment Gateway US, CA Aus UK Other Infusionsoft Supported Woo Gateway
Stripe Yes Yes Yes Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland No Yes Yes Yes Yes Mostly in Europe Yes Yes
eWay No Yes Yes New Zealand Yes Yes
SagePay No No Yes Yes Yes
WorldPay Yes Yes Yes Global Yes Yes
Paypal Standard Yes Yes Yes Global No Yes
Amazon Payments US No No No Yes
Paypal Payflow Yes Yes Yes New Zealand No Yes
Paypal Express Yes Yes Yes Global No Yes
2Checkout Yes Yes Yes Global No Yes
Mollie No No No Netherlands No Yes
SveaWebPay No No No Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Finland and Germany No Yes

For more information about InfusedWoo, go to